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Loans - How to Get Loans You Need Fast

There are times when everyone needs a little extra help with their finances , and the need to borrow cash quickly . Understanding what types of loans are available and which loans would be the best for you , can help you to secure the funds you need quickly and easily .

Short-Term Loans
The most popular form of short-term loan today is payday loans . Payday loans are usually for a month or less , or until payday . They are basically a cash advance on your salary . Payday loans are one of the quickest forms of loans , the cash available in your account within one hour depending on the loan company you use . To qualify , you typically need to be over 18 , in employment or regular income , and with a debit card , checkbook or bank account that accepts direct debit to make payments . Usually the loan is repaid in a single payment on the day you specify , via debit card transactions or direct debit . It's also some of the easiest loans to get , because you do not need to be credit checked in many cases , nor do you need to send documents .

Medium Term Loans
Medium-term loans are usually for a period of up to one year and includes options such as logbook loans and doorstep loans . A logbook loan is a loan that is secured on your cars documents - known in the UK as a logbook or V5 form . With a logbook loan you full use of your car , the loan is secured only on the document , the company does not take your vehicle . Logbook loans can be taken for a period of up to one year . To qualify for a logbook loan is necessary to have enough capital in your vehicle that needs to be ten years old or younger , legally registered and owned by you and are non- financial . Logbook loans need no credit check as a guarantee document supplied by the car , but you need to remember that you can lose your vehicle if you do not keep up loan payments .

Other forms of short-term loans are loans doorstep . Doorstep loans are available to everyone , even the unemployed and people on social security . They are simple small loans - typically up to about 500 weekly paid through an agent who visit your home . Doorstep loan companies specialize in giving loans to people in difficult circumstances , and some of the easiest loans to get the doorstep loan companies will lend to almost again , including those who are unemployed and social security . Loans are delivered to your door in cash - hence the name of the loan is paid off next door and fixed weekly payments collected by local agents who call at your home . This loan is usually for one year or more . Doorstep loan companies also usually offer shopping vouchers which can be used in high street stores , and some also offer a pre -loaded Visa card that can be used anywhere where Visa is accepted - both online and offline .

Long Term Loans
Long-term loans are usually measured in years and come in two varieties - secured and unsecured . Secured loans are secured on property or other assets - mortgages are examples . If you do not keep up payments on a secured loan then you can lose your property . Unsecured loans on the other hand , does not require any security be available to both homeowners and tenants . However, unsecured loans are quite difficult to get if your credit is not good , although it is possible to get a loan guarantor - which is technically an unsecured loan because the property is not guaranteed or assets. However you will need someone to sign as a guarantor to say that they will take over payments if for any reason you are unable to keep up repayments . This person must have a clean credit record . A family or friend might be willing to stand as a guarantor .

So if you need money immediately , payday loans and logbook loans is the fastest option as can cash in your hand or in your account the same day . Doorstep loans take a few days to adjust but can usually be completed within 48 hours . Secured and unsecured loans take the longest it can take several weeks to complete although some companies are now able to track the rapid application and completed within a week 


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